Book Author Robbin Hatten, with adopted sons, Robert (L) and Isaiah (R)

Robbin and her husband, David, have been foster parents for over ten years. They have seven children, five of which are adopted out of the foster care system. As children came into their home, Robbin became concerned over the lack of family pictures and/or records that should accompany each one. Not only did this make for a much more difficult transition, these children, who need desperately to be able to look back into their past, came without any memories written down or pictures to see what they looked like.

Some states mandate that a life book be kept for each child, but this was obviously not being done. Inspired, Robbin researched and dedicated her time, incorporating her personal experience, to create a simple, yet thorough book to aid foster parents, foster children and social workers. This wonderful tool helps each family make a smooth and more meaningful transition, while holding each child’s history.

©2009 Robbin’s Nest Publishing
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