”Robbin has put together a significant, practical and most importantly, a memory-building book which will be cherished by each child who receives it. Knowing how burdened foster parents are, Robbin, who is a foster parent herself made this book simple to use. Busy parents can now easily and accurately record developmental growth stages and important events in each child’s life. Children will one day look back at their best childhood memories and reflect on who loved and cared for them while they were growing up. This is a wonderful and valuable book for all who are involved in the foster care system.

I have worked with foster children for over thirty-five years both as a foster parent and as the founder of Koinonia Foster Homes. It is rare to find such a well-thought-out book for the children who would most benefit from it. Every child is a treasured gift deserving of a Life Book.“

Miriam Golden
Chief Executive Officer
Koinonia Foster Homes, Inc.


“Every foster and adopted child needs a life book! When a child moves from home to home, they may never be able to recover this valuable information about their earlier years. Imagine not having any baby pictures of yourself, school photographs, or pictures from a birthday party or two. “My Life Book” provides foster and adoptive parents a simple way to give the children in their care many priceless gifts....memories of their childhood.“

Francine Frank, MSW
CSWII, Adoptions Division

“I searched for a long time to find the perfect life book for my foster children. When I saw “My Life Book” Chosen to be Loved, I knew this was it. It is excellent because the format is simple, its information is chronological, and there are plenty of pages to record letters, photographs, and personal experiences you have with the children. I love it!”

Lisa Leonard
Foster Parent

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